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More goodies! Now on Society 6

Grab your favorite prints, framed prints, canvases, iPhone covers, and more! Slowly but surely, I am adding a few prints and designs to society6. This site is known for creative designs and illustrations and offers a much easier way for me as an artist to sell prints. For more info click the link below.


Facebook, not just for your Mom

I don’t want to be one of those people that bug you and burden you with multiple postings on how you should like me on Facebook. In fact, this is America. Like what you want! I don’t know your life.

This is my one and only post. Therefore, if you want new stuff I happen to share on Facebook to be posted on your news feed- instead of your uncle’s redneck pictures, then feel free to like my page. No pressure.

Like it here, or not – that’s your choice. ‘Merica! Facebook yall

NEW Shop! Get it on Etsy

As part of the whole “Lori, get your website together” mood I have been in, you can now see what I have available through Etsy. Sometimes people ask me about pieces I have already sold or no longer have in my possession due to acts of kindness as a gift – or just plain ADD and memory loss , so now you can see for yourself exactly what is for sale.

Please check it out and treat yo-self, cause momma needs some ramen noodles.

Get yo art on

Images of my conceptual pieces are up! Browse, peruse, gawk if you will at the plethora pieces available. There are a few pieces displayed here that I have parted with, but prints are available.

View Portfolio >>

Interested in owning something? Oh goodie!
Check out the Etsy shop >>